LFT Leadership = Legislative Success!

Fiercely determined. Strongly protective of public education.

After years of attacks on our teachers and our schools, the Louisiana Federation of Teachers brought the fight to reclaim the promise of public education to the Louisiana Legislature.


2014-2015 Event Schedule

To view the complete schedule of your General Assembly meetings and upcoming union events for the 2014-2015 school year, click here for a print-friendly download or follow the link below!

2014-2015 Member Event Schedule

Previous Years:

2013-2014 Member Event Schedule


Click on the Resources menu above for meeting minutes and files such as our constitution.


RFT Meetings

RFT Membership and Executive Council meetings take place in the media center at Plymouth Middle School.


Aug. 5 Millage Affects Detroit Teachers [7.22.14]

The Aug. 5 millage, which will raise funds for districts in Wayne County, would raise $14.8 million for Detroit Public Schools and has been included in its budget. If the millage fails, the district will need to cut that amount from its current year budget, affecting Detroit students and staff members.

A PATFA participant reports on the 2014 AFT convention

This past week it was my privilege to represent PATFA (AFT Local #4593) at the 2014 American Federation of Teachers convention in Los Angeles. The experience proved to be an education in labor politics and a revelation to me of the passion of so many AFT members, whose ranks include many working and retired health and education professionals in varied fields.

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