Cheung elected PATFA president

I am pleased to announce the results of the recent election of officers to the Executive Board of PATFA.

Michele Cheung has been elected to a two-year term as President, beginning August 1, and Jim Seymour has been elected to the Vice-President's position. Tom McCord and Pam Mitchel have been re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer. Congratulations to them and many thanks to them for being willing to serve in these important positions. And thanks to all who participated in the election.

Michael Burke, outgoing PATFA President


Volunteers Desperately Needed [8.1.14]

The DFT is making a desperate plea to our membership for volunteers for the August 5 primary election, specifically in support of the enhancement millage that will generate additional revenue for PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICTS ONLY in Wayne County, including DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS.
The passage of this millage is critical to the continued viability of DPS, and for that matter DFT.  The millage will generate up to an additional $18 million dollars each of the next six (6) years which will enable DPS to maintain and/or expand current curricular programs, preserve salaries and benefits, as well as jobs.
We need at least 200 volunteers to help work strategic polling places to encourage voters to support this COUNTY WIDE millage.
While I am certainly not pleased with many of the recent actions of DPS, and we will continue our legal remedies relative to those actions, I also know how vital the passage of this millage is to the future of our students, the stability of our district, and the members of our Union.
We will fight when we need to fight, but we must not sacrifice our future out of anger or spite.
Please attend the volunteer meeting on Saturday, August 2 at the Operating Engineers Union Hall from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
On Election Day food will be provided to poll worker volunteers and we can do the covering in shifts.  Details will be shared at the volunteer meeting Saturday.
In Solidarity,
Keith R. Johnson, DFT President

Election Volunteer Poll Workers Orientation on Saturday [7.31.14]

Space is available at the IUOE hall for DFT members on Saturday at 11 a.m. for Pre-Election Day Poll volunteer Workers Orientation Session. The hall is located at 1550 Howard in Detroit.

2014 Legislative Summit

AFT-WV will conduct its annual Legislative Summit as follows:

               September 5-6, 2014

               Four Points by Sheraton

               Charleston, WV

The event will begin with a reception on Friday evening and conclude around noon on Saturday. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and determine the legislative priorities and goals of AFT-WV for the 2015 legislative session.


News Reporters or ALEC Lobbyists?

Campbell Brown and George Will are two easily recognized faces and news figures. George Will makes regular appearances on news shows like MEET THE PRESS and is a syndicated columnist whose comments appear in newspapers across America. Brown is a former journalist and news reporter with ties to major networks. Presumably when they talk, people listen. Recently Will came under fire for his insensitive observations about rape victims on college campuses. Several newspapers dropped his column as a result. 


Contingent Academics Petition to Investigate Higher Education’s Adjunct Instructor Labor Practices

5100+ Adjunct Faculty and supporters protest poor wages and job conditions
New York, NY, July 30, 2014:  A small group of writers and activists has launched a petition to David Weil, the new head of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, to investigate the wages and employment conditions of adjunct faculty in American higher education. Since its launch on July 11, the site at ( has gathered over 5,100 signatures from adjuncts, tenure-track faculty, students, parents, concerned citizens, and at least two academic administrators... read MORE

HAP Overpayment [7.30.14]

DPS employees recently received a memo from Health Alliance Plan alerting them of an approximately 1.7 percent overpayment rebate going to DPS for premium payments.

The DFT office has been flooded with calls asking why the rebate is going to the employer rather than to the employees.

Given the projected amount of the rebate, if the 20 percent portion were returned to DPS employees it would amount to less than $4 per employee. DPS will use the overpayment toward preimum payments for the coming year.

In the meantime, DFT along with our sister locals in the Coalition of Unions, will continue to pursue relief via the legal remedies by law and our collective bargaining agreements because of the district's refusal to negotiate any restructuring of the health care options afforded to DPS employees.

In Solidarity,

Keith Johnson, DFT President

SCEA Family Picnic

The Saint Cloud Education Association Family Picnic is Monday, August 27th. Join us for food and fun at Riverside Park! For more information, click here.


LFT tells BESE: Suspend high-stakes testing

(Baton Rouge – July 29, 2014) Moments after the state’s highest education board voted today to sue Gov. Bobby Jindal for blocking the funds to pay for Common Core testing, LFT President Steve Monaghan urged the board to suspend high-stakes testing until the controversy is resolved.



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