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Interested in Joining AFT Missouri?

By deciding to stand with our 1.6 million members nationwide, you would have the same advantage: You have the power to bargain; the power to negotiate; the power to change things, win improvements, and achieve victories that matter to you and to the people you serve.  Together, we are able to attain our goals of fairness and dignity for people in our workplaces and in our communities.  Together, we can make a difference every day in everything we do.

AFT membership brings with it a wealth of opportunities and resources.  By getting involved in the union, you have the opportunity to actively address the issues and concerns you face at work.  Every day, workers like you help shape and drive the AFT agenda.  In addition, your membership provides numerous professional and personal resources.  I urge you to band with coworkers and explore everything AFT has to offer by visiting for current AFT new and resources.

Should you decide to want to hear more we will happily schedule a meeting with you and others to discuss these opportunities.  Please feel free to call or email me if you have questions or just to begin learning more of the opportunities you are entitled to! 

In Solidarity,

 Debbie Bornhop


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